Fit Snack

Clean eating and healthy living are simplified with this monthly delivery service of fitness focused foods.

A subsidiary of the Geek Fuel brand, I was contracted to provide social media management for this growing brand that delivers healthy snacks and fitness foods on a monthly basis.

I provided ad and brand content, ad concepts, copy, and social media management for a subscriber base of over 800 customers each month.



Instagram: 375% increase in followers

Facebook: 200% increase in page follows

Twitter: 840% increase in followers


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Hi there!

Getting ready for a Valentine’s Day with your sweetie? Here are 5 foods that will spice up tonight’s dinner in a sexy way:

  • Avocado: loaded with healthy fats this fun food screams healthy heart, happy heart, and love, love, love!
  • Almonds: as a nutrient dense nut, almonds are reported to increase passion, stimulate sex drive, and aid in reproduction
  • Black Raspberries:  phytochemical-rich for heart health, and HELLO! endurance
  • Ginger: libido enhancer that also helps fight off winter colds, because a runny nose is never fun in bed
  • Figs: packed with fiber, which is great for endurance, figs also make for a great aphrodisiac

Use these foods to plan recipes for February, the month of love!