GT Bicycles

From the city streets to World Championships, GT makes bikes that are rider-driven and built to last.

Seeing a need for copy that was written by a cycling enthusiast, GT Bikes asked for a hand in helping develop targeted messaging for everything in their line. This has turned into a flourishing and lasting relationship with one of the largest and most recognized names in the bike industry.


Work includes: 2013 model year web copy; 2014 model year print catalogs and web copy; 2015 print catalogs, web copy, card catalog, and dealer book; 2016 dealer book; 2016 print catalogs


All 2014 to 2016 catalogs can be viewed here.


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GTR Series 1: There’s a certain kind of bliss you attain when you have worked your way up a mountain on two wheels, one that comes with a sense of accomplishment, a good view, and the knowledge that you’re about to go back down at top speed.  The aluminum GTR Series 1 features a monocoque carbon fork for tight control, sharp cornering, and ultra-responsive sprints, so you can be the one taking pictures of your friends huffing it up behind you.


Corsa: Your bike isn’t just a bike.  It’s a car, it’s an escape, it’s a way of life.  Built with world-famous Columbus Thron steel tubing, the GT Corsa is designed to be your everything.  Built with super-strong deep walled wheels with sealed bearings and a monocoque carbon fork, this wide tire road bike is the kind of bike that is designed to be ridden far and hard, which is the only way you roll.


Tachyon: Whether you’re trying to navigate through the traffic of your daily commute or attempting your first century, the Tachyon’s compact Triple Triangle design puts you in a perfect position for comfort and control.  Ergonomic grips and a wide, flat bar keep you exactly where you want to be, with lightweight wheels and tires that keep you rolling fast, while the low-profile tubing absorbs all the bumps you hit along the way.


Baller Series: Mixing the classic and contemporary isn’t just for dubstep DJs.  Take the Baller Series, for example: classic round tubing with the triple triangle design paired up to any combination of gearing you can think of, like the SRAM 2-speed Automatix coaster hub.  Find the frame and gear configuration you want the most and get ready to ball in every city around the world.


Transeo: Take the road less traveled!  Boldly go into the unknown! Or…ignore the cliches and follow your own path with the GT Transeo.  The ultimate in versatility, the Transeo has low profile 700cc tires to keep your speed up, with a solid aluminum frame and suspension fork for serious durability when you want to head off-road.  And for when things get hairy, which they will, we’ve equipped it with a set of disc brakes to help you stop on a dime.