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Perfect Places to Take Kayaking Day Trips from Toronto

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and get your paddle in the water. These easy day trips from Toronto will make certain you get your kayaking fix, even if you’ve only got a day to squeeze in all your activity. From paddling the harbour and exploring the city to heading out of town to explore the wilderness, this list of kayaking day trips has something for everyone.

1. Lake Ontario

With the expansive waters of the Great Lakes so close, kayaking on Lake Ontario is a great way to explore the waterfront of Toronto. Put in at Cherry Beach Park, just east of the city, and head out into the open water from there. There is a great 10.5 km loop that takes you out past islands you can explore on foot, through the harbour in the centre of town, and back to Cherry Beach Park where you can load back up and grab a well deserved beer.

2. Humber River

If you’d like to get some river paddling in, look no further than the Humber River. Its mellow demeanour makes it a great option for both experienced and new kayakers alike, and its central location betweenToronto and Mississauga is an easy drive for a quick trip. Put in at King’s Mill Park and take the two hour trip down to the lake. You’ll get the chance to see plenty of wildlife, which has the added benefit of making you feel like you’re much further from town than you really are.

3. Buckhorn, Pigeon, and Chemung Lakes

Located about an hour and a half outside of the city, you’ll find this trio of lakes with thousands of acres of water to explore. You can easily access Lake Chemung just past Peterborough, and paddling from lake to lake, while time intensive, offers you endless options for wildlife viewing, island exploring and beach camping in the warmer summer months. Due to the amount of available paddling, this is a trifecta of lakes you’ll never tire of coming back to.

4. Georgian Bay

Heading north from Toronto, you’ll drive for about two hours before getting to Georgian Bay, and you’ll never want to go back. The gorgeous green waters of Lake Huron beckon for your paddle to dip down into them, while the thousands of tiny islands that dot the bay invite you and your friends to play an epic game of kayaking hide-and-seek.
With so much water surrounding the amazing city of Toronto, there is no shortage of great places to paddle, and these are just a few suggestions. Whether you’re looking for something in the city or a place to feel like you’ve managed the great escape, this province has plenty to offer.

Inventive Ideas for Place Settings That Pop

Part of the fun of hosting a dinner party is setting a theme and crafting up some fun decorations. Make every seat at the table special with creative and fun place settings your guests will be thrilled to take home.

1. Popping Poppies

If you anticipate the meal getting messy, cover your table with brown paper and draw out a place setting for each guest. Accent with a poppy or another favourite flower that is in season. Carry the theme throughout with vases as the centrepiece and at key spaces like the bar and serving station.

2. Light It Up

Create a romantic and rustic mood with candles as seat markers. Place one at each guest’s seat and tie a name tag around it with coordinating baker’s twine. With a flame in front of everyone, there will be plenty of light, and accenting around the home sets the perfect tone for a fun night of drinking wine with friends.

3. Nautical Knots

If you’re landlocked, but find yourself longing for the sea, put together a seafood meal fit for a crew and decorate with all things nautical. Wrap each place setting with a monkey fist knot that can double as a keychain for everyone. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you could even try your hand at tying them yourself!

4. Get Outdoorsy

Whether you’re planning a picnic fete or just wishing you were spending time in the woods, miniature lanterns are a fun way to get the camping feel. Complete the look by crafting up placemats that look like a small campfire, and a tablescape filled with wooden branches and greenery.

5. Sweet Treats

Bake up a fresh batch of cookies and make a treat bag for each guest with their name on it. If they’re toofull to eat them as dessert, they have the option of taking them to go as a sweet reminder of the wonderful dinner party you put together!

6. Brunch Mugs

Sometimes dinner parties actually happen in the middle of the day, masquerading as brunch. Using paint markers, Sharpies, or whatever permanent marker you love the most, create a one-of-a-kind coffee cup for each guest.
Everyone loves to be made to feel special, and by giving each person in attendance a small token of your thanks for having them as a part of your life and your social circle, you’re doing just that.